From One Tea Novice to Another

“Can I get the tea? Even though it’s $1.25 more on the bill?” I remember asking this on the infrequent, though treasured occasions that we would go out for Chinese food when I was a kid.  It was hot, and of course I loaded it with sugar.

Years later I would meet my husband and be introduced to an actual iced-tea making machine.  I thought that for sure you must have to use something fancy to make iced tea, but quickly found out that the family’s tea of choice was good ol’ Red Rose.  The kind that comes in a box full of about 100 bags of tea with a porcelain figurine, are you familiar?  Again, like the Chinese restaurant tea of my childhood, this tea is served with a generous dose of sweetener.

Aside from converting from coffee to Earl Grey during the nauseous first trimesters of all of my pregnancies, my tea repertoire basically consisted of Green or Black, Hot or Iced.

Imagine my surprise the first time I stepped into my friend Aubri’s store, Chá.

The wall was full-side to side and top to bottom-of shelves of stainless canisters with all different kinds of tea.  Prior to this, I thought there were like 8 kinds, most of them not worth drinking.

I asked Aubri for a recommendation for a complete tea novice.  She let me sample what she was brewing that day, which was Apple Pie Chai.  All the sudden I was on board with this whole tea drinking thing.  That stuff tasted DIVINE.  I bought 8 ounces of it and proudly brewed some for my grandma when she visited the following week. It’s like your afternoon hot drink and dessert all in one.  Since I’m a cream and sugar junkie with my coffee, it only felt natural to add some to the Chai, and it totally satisfied my hankering for a hot drink and a snack all in one cup.

Since then I’ve tried several other teas.  Every time I go in there, something new is on the shelf.

I had never heard of tea that didn’t come in a bag with a little staple and and the string with the tab.  So when I purchased my first couple of bags of loose leaf tea, I needed a bit of an equipment upgrade.


Chá has a plethora of options for infusing.  Everything from elegant ceramic infusers to little silicone boats and seahorses that you can load up with tea and float in your cup, entertaining your kids as you sip your afternoon caffeine.

Chá is located at Pybus Market in Wenatchee and has so much variety! There are spices, sugars, and of course tea. Lots of tea.  Aubri has even put in Kombucha ON TAP. You’ve got to try it.  

Try something new like I did, and you won’t want to go back to your stale tea bags from the grocery store!

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