Welcome to our new and improved website!

It's been a lot of work but we're so happy to launch our new and improved website. We envision this being a place where you can not only learn about tea, but also purchase quality loose-leaf teas and teaware.

Some new things that we're especially excited about are the addition of the accessories and teaware to our SHOP section, and the fact that our customers will now be able to review our products. This is so important to us! We want your feedback, good or bad, so that we know if we're on the right track or if we need to make any changes. Lay it on us, we can take it!

As a thank you for being great customers we're offering 15% off all online purchases throughout the month of February. Just use the code THANKS2U during checkout. 

Let us know what you think of our new site by posting to our Facebook page or through the Contact section of this site. Thanks again for visiting! We appreciate you.

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  • Erick Greig on

    Tea is the most wonderful thing on the face of the planet. I love tea and everyone involved in its process and distribution. So I guess that means I love you!

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